Board Members

Hank Povey, President (801) 243-3559  -  over the West Canal

Andrew Beutler, Vice President (208) 339-1054   -  over the East Canal

Justin Roberts, Director (208) 221-8536  -  over the East Canal

Jason Fellows, Director (208) 680-0737 -  over the West Canal

Lynn Price, Director (801) 420-4115   - over the Main and Winder/Condie Canals


Sheralyn Bayles , Secretary: (208) 852-0415

Tyson Schvaneveldt, Manager/Watermaster: (208) 851-0504  -  over the West Canal, Watermasters and Project Manager

Logan Tripp, Watermaster : (801) 372-3258  -  over the East and Winder Canal

Phil Smith, Mink Creek Watermaster:  (208) 390-7097   -  over the Main Canal



Board Meetings

The Twin Lakes Canal Company board meets the 1st Friday of each month.

If you need an appointment to meet with the board call (208) 852-0415.

Our annual meeting for all stock holders is the 1st Monday in February at 10:00 A.M. in the Clifton Community Center.



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