Water Allocation for the 2024 Irrigation Season

The Twin Lakes Board met recently, along with the workers to examine the stream flow, snow pack and etc.

It was estimated that our water allocation for the water year to be 1.6  acre feet per share, with unmetered water until we start to draw off storage water. The watermasters will read the meters when we start drawing on storage water. We will notify shareholders when we read the meters. If this should change we will let stockholders know.

Please try to have your systems ready, make sure you don't have any leaks or etc.

Burning Canal Banks:

We would like to invite the stockholders to help out and burn their canal banks, around their own yards and risers, we don't want to be a risk at burning something on your property.  From burning weeds this will help prevent weeds from getting into the canal, thus helping better delivery of the water. We would appreciate your help at doing this as soon as possible.  If you want to burn, go to to get a burn permit.                                                                        

Notice When Turning Water On/Off:

We ask your cooperation to let your watermaster know when turning your irrigation systems on and off.  The company requires 24-hour notice when doing so.

When you want water call your watermaster.  If you have any questions or concerns contact your watermasters:

Watermaster:  Logan  at (801) 372-3258, Tyson at (208) 851-0504 or (208) 390-7097 Phil, Mink Creek Watermaster.

- Twin Lakes Canal Company Board of Directors






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