The Twin Lakes Canal System was started in the summer of 1900 when farmers from Clifton, Dayton and Weston banded together to explore the possibility of transporting water from Mink Creek, nearly 30 miles to the east, to their parched farm land on the west side of the valley.

They formed the Oneida Canal Company and filed a claim for 300 second feet of water from Mink Creek. The project includes 30 miles of canal, an inverted siphon across the Bear River, and several storage reservoirs along the way.

The canal company had a hard time getting the resources in place to complete the project but in 1910 the system was functional. Ultimately, it took $1,540,000 and 20 years to complete the project.

Since then the Twin Lake Canal System has been a major factor in the productivity and wealth of farming operations in Franklin County. For its age, it’s a technically superior system that makes otherwise arid land “blossom as a rose”.

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